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Our premium Hi-Fi systems and separates deliver the purest reproduction of your music. Every note, every nuance exactly as the artist intended. Listen to suit your mood, room by room, moment by moment.


With our wide range of options, you have the flexibility to build and upgrade your system, each step bringing you ever closer to audio perfection. With brands like McIntosh, B&W, Sonus Faber, Magnepan, Gryphon, Paradigm and many other, The Sound Advantage can meet your needs with an expertly curated Hi-Fi systems.

Home Theater


Sit back and enjoy the show without dealing with loud crowds, limited showtimes or poor viewing angles. Enjoy movies in a perfect viewing environment with a private theater expertly designed with your needs in mind.

Now you can pull up your favorite movies, TV shows or sports on larger-than-life displays with immersive surround sound placing you right in the middle of the action. Watch what you want when you want, just the way you want in your home.



Residential and commercial AV system design & installation contractor The Sound Advantage, is a full service audio video installation company providing design consultation, complete installation, system programming, and sale of equipment at competitive prices. Our skilled designers and technicians have a solution for you whether you are building a brand new home, remodeling, or simply updating your current audio video system.

Our core business is full audio video design and installation, which means that you get the benefit of years of professional experience and expertise to take you from your first idea to reality, completely customized to your unique situation and space. Whether it is hiding all of your audio video equipment in a closet, or adding an AV system to your sports bar. We are a fully licensed, bonded, and insured AV and Automation integrator.

Home AV


The popularity of outdoor luxury living spaces is increasing exponentially. At The Sound Advantage, we work closely with clients, builders, and landscapers to transform backyards into comfortable and functional spaces. The integration of exterior technology into home automation systems is identical to that of interior technology. Just like the construction of a home, the sooner TSA is brought in, the better we can incorporate technology into a cohesive design.

Outdoor AV


There are many things to consider when you are trying to optimize the speed of your network throughout your home or office. In many cases, when the WiFi signal is not strong enough, it means things like square footage, building materials, and the amount of devices connecting to the network have not been considered.

You’re already paying your internet provider for a fast connection. So, it only makes sense to have hardware that can deliver it, and the right team to install and configure it! We are a team of highly trained system designers and installers, qualified to help build the wireless home network of your dreams.



Professional home automation allows you to simplify your life by automating your home’s technology in one central location so that, with a voice command or push of a button, you can control everything you choose, including home audio/video, lighting, shades, climate/thermostat, security, surveillance, and much more. Control your home automation from home or on-the-go because it can be programmed for control from smartphones, tablets, keypads, remote controls, and touchpads.

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Smart Home


Motorized window coverings can effectively capture the personal essence of any room in your home. They help take charge of natural lighting, changing bright light into pleasantly muted light or even darkening rooms or areas for a comfy afternoon nap or deep, overnight snoozing. Motorized window shades and covers also help to maintain privacy, highlight the beauty of your outdoor vistas, provide shelter from the sun’s heat, and protect furniture and artwork from fading. With a gentle tap of your fingertip, you can use your touch screen tablet or smart phone to lower, raise, retract, slide and tilt the shades in any room of your home at any time of the day.



An intelligent lighting control system can quickly set the mood for any occasion, like dining, entertaining, or watching a movie. It also provides convenience, allowing you to push a single “all off” or “goodnight” button to turn everything off at the end of the night. We can design wireless solutions that work in any home or completely centralized systems for new homes. Centralized lighting control systems eliminate wall clutter from large banks of light switches and replaces them with a single, easy to use, color matched keypad. Each lighting control system can be personalized to your needs. Whether you desire the security of never walking into a dark home again or are an energy conscious family that wants to reduce your consumption, lighting control is a must for any modern home.



Keep an eye on what is most important inside and outside your home. Complete home surveillance will give you the peace-of-mind and confidence whether you are home or away. High-definition cameras capture what is happening and you can view footage in real time or watch back a recording on the CCTV system. Access your system remotely from your mobile device so you are always in the know.

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